Here are some of the things our guests and students have said
Krissy and Nick teach the essence of Argentine tango: not what you do but how you do it. They give clear instructions but do not teach showy steps by rote, which allows couples to put together their own moves. Classes are fun and Krissy and Nick make you feel good. They are inspirational.
Jenni & Ian
The tartlets alone deserve an ode here. Paper thin single filo sheets in open baskets like petals encasing cool ponds of yolkie pale custard with the berriest bits of strawberry, raspberry, and as you gulp and chew in ecstasy you suddenly perceive that half leaf of mint, and you understand why it's there, in fact you understand everything, for a moment everything makes sense, the entire universe, I swear! I'm not a cake person, I don't have a sweet tooth, and I'm sure as hell not religiously inclined, but I saw the angels playing violins, and I heard them.
What a wonderful evening! Loved the venue, the decorations, the music, the food…. such a lovely evening with such wonderful, wonderful people…. just loved everything about the event… you guys are the BEST! thank you Nick and Krissy, Paul and Susan and the wonderful team… x x
Thank you so much Paul, Susan and the whole King family. Exquisite dances, refreshments & venue and great company. My first Bailar/Juntos and definitely not the last! Xmas greetings xxxxx
Thank you Nick & Krissy for the most enjoyable afternoon. Perfect in every way, wonderful music, wonderful tea – those tea cups divine! A massive pat on the back to your helpers who made a real difference.
Nick and Krissy are brilliant teachers and their lessons in Bourne End are always friendly and fun. They are also beautiful dancers, and the way they almost magically make you feel like you could be too is what draws us back week after week. Well, that and the cake. Love it.
Debbie & Jack
Dear Krissy & Nick and team, Thank you for all the care and attention you put into this lovely tango afternoon tea. Susan and I really enjoyed it, and we left feeling nourished on many levels. Congratulations on making it such a success. How about doing it a couple of times a week?
Well done Nick & Krissy and team for a great afternoon, dance or tea & cake…dance or tea & cake? You two know how to tease! When’s the Next While?
A truly lovely afternoon. Thanks Nick and Krissy (and team) for your hard work to bring such a lovely event to us. Hope it’s not too long a while until the next one.
Fabulous day from beginning to end, thank you both (and your hardworking helpers). Looking forward to the next one.
I, like my dancing friends, am tired and happy too … yet mysteriously I weigh more than when I drove to your lovely buffet earlier today. It was a good idea to put on some exercise as well – the milonga – as one could see what everyone else was eating on the way round. Seriously good afternoon & a great success for you, Krissy & El Oso xxx

After dancing Ballroom and Latin for a number of years Argentine Tango was such an adjustment and different in every way imaginable. Krissy and Nick guided us through the intricacies with expert knowledge and made the whole process such a joy and we’re hungry to learn more. Nick achieved the impossible, from a “follower” point of dance within 5 minutes I was very comfortable and happy dancing with him. He’s the only person other than my husband that I’ve felt comfortable dancing with.
Liz & Ben
The location, the hall, the music, the floor, the food, the table decorations, the welcome, the dances – all fabulous! Thank you team Juntos/Bailar and Lynn and dance partners for a lovely evening
A fabulo evening or as they say in the other place, “mooii bien”. Thanks to all
Beautiful Milonga Krissy and Nick, thank you so much, the warmest welcome, dreamy music, top nosh and dainty teacups. Divine! Impressive team in the kitchen too- thanks to all x
What a lovely way to spend a wet and windy Sunday afternoon! Thank you for a lovely Milonga
Gorgeous afternoon…lots of friends, lots of dancing, lots of cake and, something I never thought I would say, lots of fish fingers!!! It was fab! Thank you so much Krissy, Nick and your team for your hard work xx
Thoroughly pleasant afternoon spent in the best of company. Unbelieveable foodstuffs coming from all quarters, excellent dances, hats off to the music Nick, floorcraft second to none from ‘all’ standards, and generally speaking, nothing too much trouble from Krissy and her helpers to make us all feel welcome and at home, so grateful thanks to all concerned.
To put it bluntly, we travelled a 4 hour round trip for our first lesson with Krissy and Nick – it was worth it!
Just wanted to say thanks for the help with our pre-wedding dance lessons. I know we only had 2 lessons as we’d left it till really late but our first dance went well and you gave us the confidence to do more than just shuffle around the floor!
Kate & Adam
The dance routine for our wedding was fantastic and we can’t thank you enough, it went really well (despite our obvious nerves and a couple of minor mistakes) and was met with a huge round of applause.

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