husky mary’s too

Husky Mary’s Too

19.00 – 00.00
DJ Lynn Collins

During the evening you will be catered for in the usual Husky Mary’s style. Further details will follow as the menu is finalised.

The Venue


other information


We aim for a flowing dance floor as well as a balance of people dancing the Tanguera and Tanguero roles. As such, numbers are limited and booking in advance is required.


There will be seats at tables for everybody.
You are free to sit anywhere you choose.

  • We invite you, for your enjoyment, to:
    • seat yourself on the left of the hall if you are planning to use the mirada (marked in red).
    • seat yourself on the right of the hall if you are planning to use the cabeceo (marked in blue).

You are of course free to move about as much as you jolly well want, and there is a corridor behind the tables so you can do exactly that. The one exception is that people forming a maul at one end of the hall during the cortina will be invited to spread around a bit to help the mirada/cabeceo.

There are also plenty of spaces to socialise away from the dance floor.


Yes – the usual, and everyone who is attending will know and use them.


The music presented is that which a milonguera or milonguero would be happy to dance to.
Lynn plays “Golden Age” music.
The music is organized in Tandas with Cortinas in the TTVTTM format.
We reckon the character and personality of the DJ’s have a significant effect on the character and personality of the milonga, and we are delighted to have Lynn for the evening.


At Husky Mary’s Too places are limited and we are also balancing the numbers of leaders and followers for your dancing pleasure.

As such we ask the following:

  • If you are booking as a Couple please CLICK THIS LINK and use PayPal (and credit cards and bank accounts) to book your places.
  • Any Ladies or Gentlemen who wish to book individually should get in touch using the contact form below and we will then do our best to allocate a place for you as soon as possible.

This event has now past… so… move along nicely. Thank you 🙂