the diary

Any dates are subject to change…
unless they’re confirmed…
and even then they may have to change!

Once In A While – a tea dance

February 24th at Sarratt
DJ Eleanor Durrant

October 20th at Sarratt
DJ Bärbel Rücker

Marlborough Midsummer Milonga

June 23rd at Marlborough
DJs David Thomas & Nick King

The Gourmet Gaucho’s Garden Party

August 5th at Islip Village Hall
DJs Nick King

DJ dates

April 1st at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
April 12-15th at Ronda de la Primavera, Kehl
April 20-22nd at La Colmena, Copenhagen
June 3rd at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
June 14-17th at Avventura Milonguera Peace & Love, Noci
June 23rd at Marlborough Midsummer Milonga
August 5th at The Gourmet Gaucho’s Garden Party, Islip
September 2nd at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
December 2nd at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance

Once In A While – a tea dance

February 4th at Sarratt
DJ Dawn Porter

June 17th at Chorleywood
DJ Antonella Cosi

October 22nd at Sarratt
DJ Eleanor Durrant

The Gourmet Gaucho

July 22nd at Islip Village Hall
DJs Nick King, Krissy King & Harriet Green

Rodolfo The Gourmet Gaucho

Dec 23rd at Islip Village Hall
DJs Nick King, Krissy King & Harriet Green

Milonga Tranquilo

April 22nd at Sarratt
DJ Theo Chatzipetros

DJ dates

January 7th at Thames Valley Tango 11th Anniversary Milonga
January 12-15th at WinterTango, Eisenach
March 5th at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
March 10-12th Encuentro Bomboncito, Basel
April 2nd at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
May 13th at Burley Corazon May Milonga
June 23rd at Marlborough Midsummer Milonga
July 22nd at The Gourmet Gaucho, Islip
July 30th at El Quinto, Nottingham
August 28th at Tango Secrets Indian Summer Party, Eton Dorney
September 3rd at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
October 6-8th at 7th Ronda del Querer, Kassel
October 28th at Milonga de 100 Años, Bedford
November 5th at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
December 23rd at Rodolfo The Gourmet Gaucho, Islip
December 31st at Tango Secrets New Year’s Eve Party, Eton Dorney

Once In A While – a tea dance

February 27th at Sarratt
November 26th at Chorleywood

Milonga Tranquilo

April 2nd at Sarratt

Milonga Intima

January 23rd at Bourne End

Husky Mary’s – El Cuarto

August 27th at Sarratt

DJ dates

February 14th at Juntos
March 13th at Viento Norte afterparty
April 24th at La Colmena afterparty
May 1st at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
May 16th at Le Rendez vous Milonguero afterparty
August 27th at Husky Mary’s
September 4th at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance
October 30th at El Quinto
November 6th at Silueta Sundays Tea Dance

Once In A While – a tea dance

April 5th at Sarratt


February 7th at Bourne End
June 6th at Bourne End

Summer Milonga

July 18th at Bourne End

Encuentro Una Mirada

September 11th-13th at St. George’s, Bristol

Husky Mary’s – La Tercera

October 24th at Henley Town Hall

Private Tuition Days

March 1st at Bourne End


May 17th at Bourne End

DJ dates

February 14th at Burley
August 9th at Juntos
September 11th at Encuentro Una Mirada
September 25th at Tango Nada Mas, Regensburg
October 24th at Husky Mary’s – La Tercera
November 1st at Salon Sundays Tea Dance
Nov 15th at Abrazo Dulce, Antwerp

Once In A While – a tea dance

February 23rd at Chorleywood
November 23rd at Chorleywood

Sundown – the longer tea dance

April 6th at Sarratt
June 22nd at Sarratt

Husky Mary’s

August 23rd at Priory Hall, NW6

Husky Mary’s Too

December 19th at Henley Town Hall

Summer Milonga

August 30th at Bourne End

Year End Milonga

December 29th at Bourne End


February 23rd at Chorleywood
April 27th at Chorleywood
June 15th at Bourne End
August 17th at Bourne End

Private tuition days

September 21st at Bourne End