about us

If our dance style could be defined, it would be a blend of elements from what are now referred to as Salon and Milonguero styles.

In our dance the embrace is close, our bodies in contact, the closeness rarely broken. When the embrace is right, it gives the feeling of a wonderful connection with your partner and the music. You feel how your partner is dancing with you and for you, rather than for the rest of the room.

Our style is suitable for dancing in crowded milongas, wherever you are in the world.

This is also the style of Tango that we love to teach. For us it’s about letting the music guide you to dance simple elements, that leaders can lead and followers can follow, that all join together effortlessly to create your own beautiful dance.

We believe that dancing Tango is not only about dancing with your partner however, but also about dancing with every other couple on the floor. When this idea works, the whole floor flows in harmony with the music.

We also organise milongas and tea dances where dancers can enjoy Argentine Tango to traditional music. We welcome all Tangueros and Tangueras to our events who share our values, and who help us create a caring, courteous and respectful environment both on and off the dance floor.